Guerrilla In-Office Production Studio

Here are the items that we recommend. You can pick and choose what you need, but there are some items that are essential for quality work. All prices are noted at the time of this email and are subject to change. If an item is not available, please contact us to suggest a substitution. 

Your investment depends on what you may already have. Cameras can run from $100 up to $1,000. You can use a smart phone or tablet. Lighting and Sound are your two key components. 


image (1).png

Full Lighting Setup with Backdrop: $139.99


image (2).png

Lighting Only (to use with your own wall/background): 119:99



image (3).png

Lavalier Microphone (good sound is key): $19.59



image (4).png

Tripod Camera: (El Cheapo) $23.49


image (5).png

If you're using a phone you'll need an attachment: $7.99 



Things supplies you may need to go with this set up:

You will need a camera. You can use anything just make sure it has a mic in jack. Camera's that don't allow this will force you to use the on camera audio which can sound distant with a ton of room echo. You can use your phone or tablet as a recording device as well. Most of these allow mics to plug in the headphone jack.

Make sure you have a dedicated SD Card for DSLR cameras.
Extra Batteries for your Microphone
Back up battery for your DSLR Camera
Extra bulbs: The lights we recommended take certain bulbs. You probably won't need them since they have a 5-year life but just in case:

image (6).png

Spare Bulbs 4 pack: $34.95